Hanford tour: “incredible”

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Those of us who went on Saturday’s tour of Hanford talked about sharing some of our reactions. Here are some of my initial responses.

To say the tour was “incredible,” or that Hanford is an “incredible” place, is to get back to the original meaning of that word. It’s hard to believe that such a place exists. Early in the tour we drove for miles and miles through great expanses of open desert, and all around us, left and right, were reactors. Any one of those facilities is an extraordinary technological and social artifact; here there were too many to count.

We watched the demolition of the stacks at the D reactor complex — a symbol of changes that are taking place at Hanford. But we Hanford-watchers seemed to have a different attitude than the other (150 or so?) folks who were there. They were having a kind of tailgate party, hanging out after the blast to have a cold drink (non-alcoholic, of course), laugh, and shoot the bull.