Hanford and cleanup efforts

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer

Like many Oregonians, I am thankful for the shift in Hanford’s mission from nuclear weapons production to environmental clean up. The deactivation and transition of the Fast Flux Test Facility to a safe and stable condition has been a critical component of this shift and has had an enormously positive effort on our region’s environment and economy. Last year Congresswoman Furse and I sent a letter to Secretary Pena expressing the State of Oregon’s unalterable opposition to the use of Hanford for operations that create more contamination and divert resources from cleanup.

At a time when the Department of Energy has finally admitted that radioactive waste from Hanford is moving toward the Columbia River, the very lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest, I find it incredible that we are even considering taking an action that is not directly cleanup related. Now is not the time to turn back the clock on the progress we’ve made. Rather, citizens and elected officials of the Pacific Northwest need to press the Department of Energy to redouble its efforts to strengthen and focus on Hanford’s cleanup mission. As a representative for Oregon, I will continue to do my part by urging my colleagues in Congress to stay the course by providing full funding for environmental cleanup efforts at Hanford.

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